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I generally don’t watch traditional news media, because I too often find it inefficient (mostly a series of teasers to keep you through the commercials) and irrelevant (celebrities).

Another thing that bothers me is that they so often leave obvious questions unanswered. Online, I often find myself wondering, what’s the URL of the company (or site!) they’re talking about? Nelson recently sent me this video of a car crashing into a diner (the patron is fine), but after watching it I was surprised to find that Reuters left two obvious questions unanswered: Why did a car drive into a diner, and was the driver injured?

One thought on “The news”

  1. I’m also completely annoyed when an online news article does not link you to something they are referring to. But I’m assuming the reason is that they don’t want you leaving their news site in hopes that you will stick around and eventually click on an annoying, untargeted banner ad (or pop-up Netflix ad)

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