Let’s go fly a kite

Charlene flying a kite

This year at Google’s annual Summer Picnic, we all got our own kites as a gift, because Google is cool like that. We ran them through some extensive flight testing today at the kite flying area in Shoreline Park. After a tip from a kiteboarder to add more material to the tail, we had them flying high. Of course not everything was smooth sailing. Reid’s kite flew away, sending him and Charlene on a long journey to retrieve it, and they both got attacked by nature in the process. I don’t untangle knots, so my kite flew with a pretty big one. At one point, I had unraveled my line completely, and without realizing that it wasn’t tied to the plastic handle, let my kite fly away into a tree. And Koklynn’s kite got attacked by a huge kiteboarding kite, which Nelson had to go relaunch. Overall, I’d call the event a success. Thanks Char (kite expert) for organizing!

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