Getting things done

Every time I wash my socks, I hate pairing them. It takes forever, and I realize how many of my socks are in poor condition. I’ve been planning for years now on just throwing them all out and buying all-new socks that are all the same, eliminating the need for pairing. This solution to the pairing problem is a little better than my alternative idea of creating socks that are always tied together.

Well, tonight was laundry night, and I realized that most of my socks have been worn to the point where I wouldn’t feel bad throwing them out. I just placed an order for 18 pairs of socks (three six packs). At least I think it’s 18 pairs. The product description doesn’t explicitly state what I’m getting eighteen of, but considering they also offer a three-pack, I’m probably not only getting 18 individual socks. This may not change my life, but it will certainly make me happier. I should have done this years ago, but at least I did it.

4 thoughts on “Getting things done”

  1. Good move, Wysz. My sock collection has been largely monotonous for years, meaning they can be shoved in a drawer in an unsorted mass. Still, if Ann does the laundry, she feels the need to pair them. So I only ended up making life more efficient half the time.

  2. I forgot about this post when we were all tweeting about socks yesterday. Your tweet made me laugh, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy at least one six pack of socks in the near future. 🙂

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