Great American Saturday

I didn’t get to sleep in today but I think it was worth it as few of us hit up Great America for the day. Reid got busted right at the beginning for trying to bring a bottle of Honest Tea┬áinto the park, but fortunately was not arrested. They had everyone go through metal detectors on the way in and had announcements about knives and other weapons not being allowed, so that was comforting. One ride had several announcements reminding people not to spit on each other, so that gives you an idea of the kind of people you may run into in an American amusement park.

It was my first time at Great America and it was pretty good. The park was average but the lines never got too long and the company was cool, so I was happy. It also wasn’t ridiculously hot or raining, which tends to happen at amusement parks, although in California rain isn’t really an issue. No rain in your face on the roller coasters, but you run the risk of being at the top of Drop Zone during an earthquake. Fair trade?

Actually, even though it didn’t rain I did get wet quite a few times. On any ride involving water-based risks, Koklynn’s cousin and I always got hit the hardest. I even got hit by this splash, standing in a location I believed to be outside of the designated splash zone:

Reid and David getting splashed

Looks like the little kid was having as much fun as Reid.

I took a couple of videos with my camera for no good reason, but I have them so I’m blogging them:

This is Mike and me riding Grizzly, a wooden coaster. We wanted to try and carry on a boring conversation for the video, but I think it’s obvious neither of us have much to say. Next up is a ride that goes around in circles:

Yep, that’s how it goes. But the announcer/operator was funny so that made it more thrilling.

After the park, we ate some Korean food. Not really my favorite but it felt good to eat after a long day in the sun. A few of us wrapped up the day with a trip to the office (where else would one go on a Saturday night?) to play Rock Band. It was my first time and I enjoyed trying out the drums. I’m also glad our group had a “no singing” rule.

I hope everyone else had a fun Saturday and has a great rest of the weekend. This entry is just about over, and to play us out, here’s Ron Jenkees rocking on dual keyboards:

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