Investment update

As previously mentioned, I’m planning on trying out this whole stock market thing while everything is really cheap. One thing I’ve learned about E*TRADE (I’m not sure if this applies to other services) is that you can’t really get started on Day 1. Or Day 2. In fact, even though I transferred my funds electronically on October 3rd, I can’t start investing until next Wednesday, September October 15th. I think this is the combination of a new account hold of about a week, plus a few days hold on the transfer itself.

Let’s see how low the prices stay over the next week. Assuming prices are low enough, I’ll reveal my picks after I buy.

9 thoughts on “Investment update”

  1. Wow, do you know anything about this service? Can I invest immediately? I might try this just to avoid the fees. $2500 is a bit more than I intended to spend, but I’d be willing to throw in that much to avoid the commissions.

  2. Alright, I think I’m signed up for an account, but I guess they need to approve it first and then get back to me. Use Firefox instead of Safari.

    I still have the E*TRADE account pending so right now it’s a race to see who will let me invest first.

  3. Buy buy buy! Put more money into the market so prices rise so I can afford to keep paying for school! PLEASE.

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