Soliciting costume ideas

Halloween is coming up and I don’t know what I’m going to be. This isn’t a big deal for most adults, but at Google you stand out if you don’t wear a costume. Last year, I was Cheese Wysz. In 2006, I was a play on words.

I have a few ideas but I’m still open to suggestions. I’d prefer costumes that require little cost or effort. As a kid there was a brief phase where I insisted on being something scary (I didn’t see how dressing up as a non-scary character fit into the idea of Halloween), but I’m past that now and prefer humor over horror. It can be obscure and I’m fine if even I don’t get the reference.

My ideas so far:

  • Beah Burger
    I’d be the “I think I’m in an ’80s sitcom” version of Beah, wearing tights under a skirt, a sweatshirt, a wig, and Beah Burger glasses.
  • Sophia Lin
    Dressed like a prisoner.
  • Halloween Costume
    Something simple like a white sheet (ghost), but with a hanger and price tag attached.

Please comment on my current ideas or suggest something new in the comments. If you want to keep it a secret, you can email me. If you’re shy, use my advice form to give me advice.

And if you’re a girl and looking for an idea, Tiffany has given up on her part-time model idea, so go ahead and steal that.

I was nostalgic today and remembered being excited about, but then always terrified by, haunted hayrides. There was always a guy with a chainsaw. A couple of times we went to the one that was at least at some point associated with Bucks County River Country. I think the attraction I’m thinking of is most recently known as Valley of Fear, which according to at least one account has the largest haunted woods in the nation.

While Valley of Fear may own the likely very valuable, Bucks County River Country takes the cake for best website ever. Go to the DSL or Cable version and enjoy a loosely edited video for the holiday season that makes Bucks County look like Hicktown, USA, in the most friendly and charming way, of course. At the end they transition into a slideshow of Don Polec enjoying the river in a button-down shirt. I used to see him waiting for pizza on Friday nights.

P.S. Speaking of the holidays, I was in a hardware store this weekend and the were selling those light-up snowmen in a place where it doesn’t snow. Kinda funny that an entire season is associated with a holiday even in a place where it doesn’t exist.

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  1. not sure why I haven’t commented on this yet, but I obviously think you should dress up as me. I’m not lending you leggings though

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