Student Pwned!

After months in development, Mike has finally officially launched his latest site: Student Pwned. My one humble contribution was an addition to the FAQ back in August. I’m glad he remembered to include it.

Michael Wyszomierski: why is it a thermometer if it’s a water theme?
Michael Wyszomierski: can’t you have rising water or something?
Mike Leotta: because thats what all fund raiser things do
Michael Wyszomierski: haha
Michael Wyszomierski: this is true
Michael Wyszomierski: you should note that in your faq
Michael Wyszomierski:
Q: Why a thermometer?
A: Because that’s what all fundraiser things do.
Mike Leotta: hahah
Michael Wyszomierski: i like the logo though
Michael Wyszomierski: looks like the title screen of a flash game

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