Do me a salad

At a Christmas brunch, earlier this afternoon…

My cousin Chris, sitting across the table, got my attention:
“Can you do me a salad?” he asked.
“You want me to get you a salad?”
He laughed. “Yeah. Do you have any Tabasco sauce?”

I went into the kitchen and retrieved the Tabasco bottle, and presented it to him in a hilarious fashion, as it it were a bottle of wine. He played along and tasted a small portion of it before applying it to the rest of his omelette. With one of his requests fulfilled, I headed back into the kitchen and piled Caesar salad and some fruit onto a plate, and set it next to him.

As the meal ended, there was a salad plate sitting near me at the table. Nobody at the table would claim ownership of it. I started to think that maybe Chris thought that I brought him a salad plate as a joke, and I asked him if he moved the salad that he had ordered earlier.

“I asked for a salad?” He couldn’t believe it.
“Yes, you asked for a salad and then Tabasco sauce.”

I was then taught the definition of “Do me a solid.”

One thought on “Do me a salad”

  1. “Can you do me a solid”? Sounds like something a doctor would say to a patient that is recovering from a bad case of diarrhea.

    was that too far?

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