Christmastime – Home for Christmas

Two cats sleeping in front of a pillow that says Home for Christmas

Harry and Potter, December 2006

Stille Nacht

I’m probably going to be pretty tired when you read this after a cross-country flight, so this post’s song is “Stille Nacht” performed by Mannheim Steamroller. No, they don’t turn things upside-down and go all Mannheim Steamrollery on it like with “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.” It’s a peaceful track, and it’s best enjoyed when it comes on at just the right time in a mix, and isn’t followed by “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

Home for Christmas

This is my last post in the series I began on December 1st. I’m sure I’ll still have a bit more to say about Christmas this year, but during my vacation I don’t want to be tied to (self-imposed) blogging deadlines.

If everything goes according to schedule, this will be published at the time I land in Philadelphia for my Christmas vacation. I don’t have an incredible story for this post. I just want to say that I’m where I want to be.

20th in a series of Christmasy things.

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