Like being in a movie

I’m not sure if it was the Memorial Day Parade, but this report (which I came across on my Twitter saved search for [Doylestown]), triggered one of my favorite memories. My family was driving through the town one day, and we had some trouble getting to our destination because a bunch of the streets were blocked off for an unknown event. Finally, we were able to turn onto an unblocked street in the right direction, but when we reached the next intersection, just as we stopped at the stop sign, a full-blown marching band came marching by right in front of us, and we had to sit and wait for it to pass. Obviously they had neglected to close all of the applicable intersections (or perhaps the band had made a wrong turn). I thought it was hilarious, because it felt like a scene from a movie. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a scene in some movie where a car chase or other event is interrupted by an unexpected marching band.

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