Like living on another planet

Where I live now does not have lightning, which I guess is nice since it’s safer, but I miss thunder. And you know what else I just learned we don’t have here? Lightning bugs. How am I supposed to see at night?

6 thoughts on “Like living on another planet”

  1. @Mike, this is pretty embarrassing, but I actually did not know that. I must have been sick that day at school. Once again, the Internet has educated me.

  2. I actually remember at science camp (yes, I was a nerd), the teacher tried to tell us that glow sticks worked in the same way as lightning bugs, but the bugs mixed such a small portion of chemicals that each light only lasted a couple of seconds instead of hours like with a glow stick. I think he said this just because he didn’t really know science.

  3. You know what other bugs are really fun to catch by running around at night with a jar, giggling?

    None of them. What kind of childhood doesn’t have lightning bugs?

  4. I can’t believe you have been here almost 3 years and just now realized this. I have been missing lightning bugs since the fist summer. 🙁

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