Summer nostalgia

Today really felt like summer, reaching 91° in the afternoon. I ate lunch outside on my balcony, and extended my bike ride. I used to eat outside on nice days at home, and as I got close to the bay on my bike, I was reminded of summer bike rides in South Carolina.

I’ve been thinking about two other summer memories this past week, both about small-town eateries:

Frosty’s Dairy Bar
Located in Bristol, New Hampshire, this is a great spot to hit for some ice cream after a day of waterskiing on Newfound Lake.

Dilly’s Corner
Just minutes from my parents’ house in Pennsylvania, I spent many summer nights eating an order of “Chicken & Chips” (chips as in fries) before finishing the meal with some ice cream. There’s a nice write up of the ordering process and a great shot of the menu on

I hope to return to these places soon. It’s been a while.

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