Apple TV is a real MacBook Wheel

I’m usually in love with Apple’s UI decisions, but I dusted off my Apple TV tonight to download a few movies, and it was an incredibly frustrating experience.

First of all, I didn’t have my iPhone with me, so I had to do without the Remote app while searching and type with this:

Apple Remote

That part wasn’t too bad, since it only takes a few letters before the right movie pops up. But here’s where I could not justify the 6-button remote:

virtual keyboard

And after all of my effort, here’s what I got:

wrong password

When that happened several times, I tried hooking up a USB keyboard to the USB port in the back of the device. A port which does absolutely nothing.

Finally, I reset my password (which worked after the second attempt), and then was able to complete my purchases after resetting my Apple TV.

The experience felt like using a real-life MacBook Wheel:

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