Summer fun at the Goog

Movie night

Earlier this month, we had an outdoor movie night at Google. The movie was Back to the Future, which is one of my favorite movies. Having a movie night is fun. Having a movie night showing Back to the Future is geeky fun. Having a movie night showing Back to the Future with a DeLorean standing by is Googley fun.

Michael Wyszomierski in front of a DeLorean

Thanks to Jason for taking my picture.

I ended up leaving early due to the cold (it turns out I was actually sick), but I still had a good time and might give my Back to the Future DVDs a long-overdue screening when I go back home in September.


Shortly after the movie night, we learned that we were all getting new helmets. Google had given away helmets before, but the company has grown a lot since the first giveaway, so they decided it was time for a refresh. It’s a very practical gift, and I really appreciate it! Now I keep one helmet at home for my weekend rides, and my Google-provided one at work for when I bike across campus. Here’s a picture of Reid wearing his new helmet in front of the colorful bikes we use for inter-building transportation.

Reid in front of a lot of bikes.

I promise that there are times when we get actual work done.

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