Caramel apple FAIL

Last week, we had a small apple festival at work, complete with a barbecue lunch:

Corn, apples, and bqq.

and apple pies:

Table full of apple pies

… and caramel apples. I didn’t plan on eating a carmel apple when I first saw them, because I don’t like food that is difficult to eat, especially if I risk getting sticky. On my way out, however, I turned around and decided that it’s been a long time since I’ve had a carmel apple, and I should take advantage of this rare opportunity. So, I grabbed an apple, got it coated in carmel, and then filled my cup with some nuts and chocolate chips and raisins and stuff. It was going to be delicious.

Caramel apple

I sat myself down on a bench in the shade, and went for my first bite. My teeth slipped (hey, it’s an apple on a stick!), and all I got was some caramel. Didn’t even break the skin. So, I tried again, this time holding the stick firmly and pushing the apple into my mouth. *Snap!* — the stick broke, the apple hit my chin and then landed on my phone (sitting on the bench), which then fell onto the ground, where phone, apple, and phone’s battery cover then lay in a triangle of defeat. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone saw me, but it must have been pretty sad sight, like the time on Reading Rainbow when LeVar Burton got an ice cream cone and it fell on his shoe. Here’s what my apple looked like afterward:

Caramel apple covered in dirt

I would have shown you my phone’s screen covered in caramel, but as Beah has noted, it cannot take a picture of itself.

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