Tesla Model S

I visited the Tesla Store on Santana Row back in April when they opened and took a ride in the Roadster Sport. I returned to the store yesterday to pick up my order check out the Model S, Tesla’s first sedan. They’re saying that deliveries will begin next summer.

It’s a good-looking car, and more comfortable to sit in (and get in and out of) than the Roadster. The interesting part for me was hearing about the electronics system. Some of my mental notes, which may or may not be accurate:

  • 3G provider unannounced, but “probably Verizon or AT&T, because who else is there?”
  • You can create a WiFi hotspot from the 3G connection
  • Navigation maps are from Google, and the data is live from the Internet
  • 4 USB ports for hooking up your various devices
  • System is Linux-based, and there will be apps available. One example: Netflix, so you can “watch while the car charges.”
  • Remote control/monitoring features will be available via an iPhone app. Other platforms could be supported as well via the API that will be released.

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