Four Christmases

I’m on my way home from seeing it with my sisters. Nitpicks:

A couple living in San Francisco was taking a cab to the airport and went across the Golden Gate. This does not make sense.

Later, some guys were installing Dish TV. The picture was analog-fuzzy as they were adjusting it. I’m pretty sure Dish TV is digital. But maybe they had a bad connection from the receiver to the TV.

Twitter isn’t loading

I’m in the front row, near center of the Blue Man Group Theater at The Venetian. I’m wearing a poncho. Show starts at 7 and I can’t wait. It’s worth getting in early to hear their prerecorded stuff on a great sound system. Plus they’re keeping it dark with nice accent lighting. I love theaters.

How’s your Saturday night going? Leave a comment.

Just getting started

I’m in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for my bag. The P.A. announcements are painfully loud. But before I talk about Pittsburgh, I want to say that SFO has signs implying free WiFi, but I certainly couldn’t find any and didn’t feel like getting out my work laptop just to blog. Ugh. I hardly got any sleep on the plane so of course I’m in an awesome mood. The plane was freezing and the passenger next to me wouldn’t stop rummaging through her purse, and then left her light on reading about Britney Spears going to the grocery store or whatever it is they write about today in those useless celebrity magazines.

Next I have to get in a cab and hope the driver can get me to my destination which is 40 minutes away, because I have no idea how to get anywhere around here. But that’s not the end of my day. It’s only a bit past 7 AM here right now, which means I have about 15 more hours of staying awake, pretending to be in a good mood until salvation in some form of “Well, we should probably get going…” which means I’ll finally get to go to sleep at the hotel. After another 30 minutes in the car, of course.

Temporarily offline

Hello, Internet. I am on my way to Yosemite National Park to camp this weekend. Please do not be concerned if you notice a lack of online activity on my part. I will likely be limited to very sporadic Internet access via an iPhone only, and am working off of a single charge. I’m powering off now… be good to yourselves and each other.