All quotes paraphrased.

Via IM:
Ted: are you coming home for thanksgiving?
Me: yes
Ted: call me when you get home.
Me: ok

After work, I call Ted:
Ted: What’s up?
Me: Nothing. You told me to call you.
Ted: What?
Me: You said that I should call you when I get home.
Ted: [laughing] I meant when you get home. I thought you don’t refer to [California] as home.
Me: I don’t. I thought you meant my apartment. I was too busy to correct you.


Before my trip to Ireland (yes, I went to Ireland… blog post coming soonish), I mentioned my trip in a meeting. Of course it only took a few seconds for someone to mention how green the country is. That prompted this paraphrased portion of a conversation:

Coworker: I was in Pennsylvania recently. It’s also very green.
I think to myself: “Thanks for noticing!”

Coworker:  (continued) And there are trees everywhere.
I think to myself: “Yes, it’s awesome!”

Coworker: It’s almost claustrophobic.

I still don’t know how to react to that, so I’ll just end this post with some photos from my most recent trip to the claustrophobic commonwealth.

I’m going to connect everything to everything!

Nelson sent me the following email this morning without any prompting from me:

Subject: sorry for my auto-tweet
From: Nelson Bradley

I wanted to test out the “new” “feature” to tweet blog posts, so I set it up months ago in feedburner. It works! I will disable it before my next post.

I suppose now is a good time to point out that if I’ve stopped following you on Buzz/Reader/Twitter/Foursquare, it’s probably not because I don’t like you. It’s because you create duplicate content and I only need to read something once.

Congratulations, Nelson!

As transcribed by Google Voice:

Nelson Bradley at 4:15 PM:
I’m elopes.

Huh. Must be some new slang term for “I just eloped.”

Sandy is quick to inform me that I may be next, leaving this at 4:16:
Hey Mick, I have a great great match. Dot.

Dot, I look forward to meeting you.