How Wysz does parties

Last week, I had a typical Wysz experience.

I was invited to a party that attracts the startup crowd, including founders and investors. Being in the tech business, I figured it would be fun to attend. Plus, I had this funny idea that if anyone asked for my card, I could hand them an business card. I didn’t expect anyone to believe that it was a legitimate business, but it could be a good ice breaker. So, at the last minute I ordered some business cards from MOO. Of course, being a party in San Francisco with people I don’t know, I was still lacking a true reason to want to go there, other than the fact that I thought it might lead to some interesting conversations. But, since I had already told people I was going, I got in my car and drove up to the city on the night of the party. Traffic wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible. Once in the city, I got to play the fun driving game of wondering whether or not it’s safe to go at a green light, since there’s a good chance that the light will turn red again before the car in front of me lets me clear the intersection. I ended up doing pretty well. After miraculously ending up in the right lanes at the right times, which can require looking ahead a turn or two on the GPS, I found myself outside the venue. All I had to do at that point was find parking. I started looking around for a garage. I didn’t see any, so I just kept driving. I came across some parking signs, and followed the arrows. After several blocks, I still didn’t see any parking. At this point, I started grumbling about how I don’t like driving in the city, and I should have parked in San Bruno and had Uber drive me from there, and I don’t really like parties anyway, so maybe I shouldn’t go, but I guess I have to go since I told people I was going, but no, I’m an adult now and I can do what I want, but maybe to avoid embarrassment I will just imply that I went, kind of like that time I was invited to a high school graduation party and I went but only stayed for ten minutes and then got lost on purpose so it would take me a long time to get back home. Eventually, I got far enough from the venue that I was able to safely justify to myself that it was too far away to park, and that I should switch the destination in my phone back to my apartment. I did that, and of course on my way out of the city I ended up in traffic in the wrong lane, and, not being an aggressive driver or the type who minds getting lost, went ahead and kept going in the wrong lane, which eventually took me to Treasure Island, where I turned around in a parking lot and got back on my way. This was my second time driving up to San Francisco and back without getting out of my car. Once back in Sunnyvale, I got a meatball sub at Subway and went to bed early. That may not sound exciting to some people, but for me, it was a pretty awesome evening.

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