An update on Ted

Ted is now playing in the ABA, which apparently exists, and is even featured in a recent film. Now I’m no sports expert, but something sounds fishy here. Why would a bunch of lawyers want to start a basketball league? The slippery floors, discrimination based on physical abilities… I just can’t see that as a situation where they’d want to be defendants. Nevertheless, there was, in fact, a basketball league known as the ABA created in 1967, but according to this memorial, ended its run in 1976, before Ted was even born.

More than that, Ted claims to be a player for the “Frost Heaves,” conveniently located way up in Vermont, where there are probably polar bears and stuff. Frost Heaves? That doesn’t sound like a real team name. I don’t even know what heaves are, and had to look it up. Heaves is a respiratory disease of horses, characterized by flatulence.

But Ted is my friend, so I trusted him upon hearing of his new accomplishment, and soon thought this trust was confirmed when I saw news articles appearing mentioning Ted’s new role. However, reading a couple articles past the headlines showed otherwise. For example, look at the following snippet from this article from the Times Argus in Vermont:

Skucha will have little time to acclimate himself to Vermont.

And a quote from the Burlington Free Press:

Skuchas, a recently-sgined 6-11 Vanderbilt graduate, made his home debut against the Rainmen, who fell to 8-18.

Note that both articles include typos which should have easily been caught by a news publication with any sort of proofreading resources (such as a spellchecker). If you’ve ever attempted an IM conversation with Ted, you know that typos are part of his trademark style.

Nice try, Ted.

Mike vs. Wysz: Wysz’s Biased Comparison

Mike Leotta is now blogging. Before he pollutes the web any further, let me give you all fair warning by highlighting some of the key differences between Mike Leotta and Michael “The Wysz” Wyszomierski:

  • Mike hates space. Michael loves space.
  • As a teenager, Mike had long hair. Michael changes his hairstyle every 10 years.
  • Mike’s website has little content. Michael has been at this game for a long time.
  • Mike has big muscles. Michael concedes this one.

Those are the facts, folks.

Looks like I have some competition

It looks like Scott Giambastiani, a fellow Googler, has a cooking video of his own. From Pure Ingredient CafĂ©, where I coincidentally ate lunch on Valentine’s Day, Scott shows us how to make Cupid’s Crab Cake:

If you want to make it yourself, check out the recipe. As far as my own cooking show goes, I’m hoping to crank one out over this long weekend. Stay tuned.


I just saw Untraceable.

Comments (with ellipses…)

  • Okay, so you’re her mother, and she’s your daughter. Thanks for spelling it out; I wouldn’t have picked up on that.
  • Surprisingly not bad with technical concepts in some parts. At other times, well…
  • The commercials for placement of Capital One, OnStar, Microsoft, and whatever car she was driving were very subtle. I mean they didn’t interrupt the movie at all…
  • If you just got the major American ISPs to block requests for a domain…
  • The ending? With the badge? I dunno…

Alright, I’m off to go find a new window for my car…

My car was broken into and all I got was this kind of cool picture

Last night, between the hours of 9 PM and 7 AM, my passenger window was smashed and my brand-new GPS, which I received as a gift, was stolen.

It happens. According to the officer who took the report, it happens here all the time. I later heard from a coworker that they specifically target nice areas where people park outside and are likely to have a GPS. I’m glad I live in a “nice” area. So whatever, I have insurance, hopefully everything will be covered.

Someone else will fix the window, and a GPS is replaced with cash, so I thought the worst part for was going to be cleaning up the glass. It was pretty bad, and I’m still not finished. But it wasn’t the worst part.

You see, every Friday, they serve donuts at work. Delicious donuts, including a raised donut with chocolate frosting. This is my favorite kind of donut. Let’s call it a Wyszonut. Of all the great perks*, the free Wyszonut is the one I crave the most. Unfortunately, other people also like the Wyszonut. Last week, by the time I got in, all of the Wyszonuts were gone, and it bothered me for the rest of the day. I even considered going out and buying donuts at lunch. This morning, I was on track to beat the rush and get my Wyszonut. I opened the door of my apartment ant 7:10. Considering I routinely do this over two (and sometimes three) hours later, I was quite impressed with myself. But then there was the whole broken window delay, and I got in at about 9:10. All of the Wyszonuts were gone. That was the worst part.

Oh, and check out this picture:
Broken glass with sticker reading [Security System and Immobilizer Anti-Theft System]


Update: The estimate for the window was below my deductible, and the GPS is a “personal item” not covered by my policy. This is going to be all out-of-pocket for me. Good thing I just spent all that money on a Mac Pro.


I just saw Cloverfield. I’m not good at reviewing movies, but I had one question. At the beginning, I’m pretty sure the text indicated the recording was from an SD card. However, the way the recording plays indicates that it was recorded on linear media, since it bounces back and forth between the main recording and the stuff that was “taped over.” The characters also refer to a tape at the beginning, and there is a scene where they rewind and then don’t cue it back exactly right, leading to another glimpse of the taped over material. Just wanted to point that out.


I finally own a Wii. Arriving at 3:07 AM, I was second in line at the Sunnyvale Circuit City. The first guy got there at 2:30. Later in the morning we were told that there were only eight consoles available. The first eight of us got vouchers at 9:30 (30 minutes before opening) and could finally run to our cars to warm up.

Circuit City Wii voucher

It was a cold and boring wait, but I figured if I could wait in line at a store for 13 hours with no intention of purchasing anything, I could wait in line for 7 hours to get a Wii.

I haven’t even opened the box yet; I went right to bed and didn’t wake up until my phone rang at about 5:45, and then went to dinner and saw Cloverfied. But since I’m now wide awake, tonight should be full of Wii fun.

IMG 0001 (AKA “New Shoes!”)

These are my new shoes. They’re colorful and I love them. My Mom bought them for me.

Blue, yellow, and orange sneakers with white laces

They got mixed (but positive) reactions at work. Share your thoughts in the comments.

I’d like to point out that this is the first picture I took with my Canon SD1000. I still have my Digital Rebel XT, but I really wanted a point-and-shoot for everyday adventures. So far, I love it, especially the responsiveness of the zoom when reviewing an image on the sizable screen.